3 Best Shelling Beaches on Florida Panhandle

Florida - Panhandle - Beaches
Shelling - Florida - Panhandle - Beaches

The State of Florida has some of the most beautiful beaches anywhere – and many are prefect for shelling. With emerald waters to swim in and white sandy beaches to play on, it’s difficult to pull yourself away long enough to realize the things you’re missing. So, let’s break down the Best Shelling Beaches in the Florida Panhandle.

Shell Island

Obviously, Shell Island is going to have some shells in it, isn’t it? Well, word is it’s one of the Florida Panhandle’s gems. As it’s near Panama City Beach, you can count on the beachgoers leaving you room for your hunting.

The shells on the island aren’t as abundant as they once were before folks found out it was a good hunting ground. However, plenty can still be nabbed along the water’s edge. And more so if you’re willing to wade out in the water some.

The best way to get to Shell Island is from Panama City Beach.  And, from there, take the Shell Island Shuttle.

Florida - Panhandle - Beaches

Carrabelle Beach

Carrebelle Beach is across the street from the Crooked River Lighthouse off Highway 98 in Carrabelle, Florida. But, if you’re intent on finding some shells, you’ll want to hit up Dog Island and maybe even take a Dog Island Shelling Tour.

On the tour, you’ll be guided by a captain that is a lifelong fisherman and is familiar with the local waters. The tour lasts anywhere from one to two hours and takes you on a tour of shipwrecks around Dog Island.

Also, don’t forget that these shells are often lived in homes so take care not to disturb the wrong ones. And limit your take, you don’t want to disturb the crab housing market too much!

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Pensacola Beach

You can pretty much shell anywhere on Pensacola Beach. However, you’ll likely have more success in the less crowded parts of the beach.

Both Pensacola Beach Park and Navarre Beach are relatively quiet spots and can be lucky spots to discover some shells. But, again, don’t be afraid to get your feet wet and even scoop up some wet sand to find your treasures.

The Best opportunities at Pensacola Beach happen in the winter. The low tides, common in winter, push shells beyond the tidal shelf and that makes them easier to spot.

The sun, sitting lower at this time of year, casts long shadows leading hunters directly to the loot. Be sure and stay up to speed on all the hot spots and sweet destinations in Florida. 

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