5 Best Food Trucks in Miami, Florida

Florida - Miami - Food Truck
Florida - Miami - Food Truck

Miami, Florida has gorgeous beaches, beautiful people, and an incredible cultural scene that makes for some salivating food truck experiences. During the Great Recession of 2008, food trucks began gaining popularity, in Miami as well as other places in Florida and around the world. And so, food truck popularity has only grown since that time.  

From Cuban, Venezuela, Puerto Rican, Middle Eastern, and Italian foods Miami, Florida has a food truck for every taste. So, let’s unpack the 5 Best Food Trucks in Miami, Florida.  

Twice Butter 

Located on NW 36th St in Miami, Florida, Twice Butter offers more than just Mexican Street Food favorites like an assortment of Mexican tacos from fish to birria. They also feature Tuna Tartare, Steak, and Shrimp.  

Oh yeah, and don’t forget Twice Butters mouth-watering Mexican-style burger menu. Serving up everything from Chicken Milanese burgers to Burger Al Pastor they’re sure to have your flavor. This is a best seller and for good reason. It’s delicious! 

Mr. Pepito Miami 

Miami is a melting part that has a decidedly Latin flair and Mr. Pepito Miami is a food truck that supports that premise. It’s a relaxed food truck boasting both Venezuelan as well as Colombian fare.  

Located on NE 2nd Ave, they also serve burgers, arepas, and yucca fries. Worth noting too is that Mr. Pepito knows hot dogs. Hot Dog Venezualo is topped with cabbage, potato stick, mayo, ketchup, mustard, garlic sauce, and pecorino cheese. 

Florida - Miami - Food Truck

Mi Pana Burger 

Located on SW 24th St in Miami, Mi Pana Burger is the place to go if you want a serious burger. They combine authentic Cuban and Venezuelan food with the very American burger.  

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The Supreme Burger which marries sweet and savory with lettuce, tomato, cheese, stick potatoes, ham, egg, beef, and chicken for an amazing twist on your basic hamburger. 

Motys Grill 

Motys Grill is an Israeli-owned food truck that prides itself in its Kosher selection of Middle Eastern and Mediterranean food. Their menu is based on healthy and affordable dishes and uses only fresh ingredients.  

Order the falafel sandwich which is made with freshly baked pita bread filled with crispy, handmade Falafel balls, or one of Motys fresh and delicious salads. Everything is made daily with fresh spices and vegetables. 

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