Andrew Jackson’s Hermitage Museum – What to Know Before You Go

Nashville - Tennessee - Hermitage Museum - Andrew Jackson
Nashville - Tennessee - Hermitage Museum - Andrew Jackson

Visiting Nashville, Tennessee? Learn all about the Hermitage Museum before you go. People throughout the world know Nashville for country music. But Music City offers much more than just country music – it fosters artists of all genres in their music careers.  

The Hermitage Museum is a historic plantation house and museum that was once the home of President Andrew Jackson. The mansion, as it originally stood, was built in 1821 by the hands of skilled slaves. Since then, the old house has endured a fire, been remodeled, and remodeled again. There is much to be learned about the history of Nashville, the State of Tennessee, and the United States here. 

The Hermitage Museum: A Short History 

The mansion is nestled in a field chosen by Andrew Jackson’s wife Rachel. The couple originally lived in a log cabin and their nine slaves occupied two smaller cabins – all of which are now known collectively as – the First Hermitage.   

Jackson had a Federal-style brick mansion built in the log cabin’s place in 1821. Ten years later, he commissioned David Morrison to re-design the Hermitage while he was living in the White House. Following the devastating fire in 1834, Jackson had the residence rebuilt as the 13-room Greek Revival-style mansion currently we now see.  

Jackson entertained numerous notable guests at the mansion, including the Marquis de Lafayette and Sam Houston as well as Presidents James Polk and Martin Van Buren. 

What’s in a Museum?  

You can take tours of the museum which begin at the visitor center. The museum features artifacts that chronicle the life of President Jackson and also detail the history of the First Hermitage.  

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You can also view a brief film about Jackson’s rise to power and view the ironically guitar-shaped design of the many cedar trees planted by Jackson that line the pathway.  The grounds contain a tomb where President Jackson and his wife are interred. 

The visitor center also features numerous exhibits that display artifacts relaying the story of the African American slaves who lived at the Hermitage. The grounds also include a smokehouse and three log slave quarters. Most notable is Uncle Alfred’s Cabin – the home of the man who was born a slave on the plantation and remained as a caretaker after emancipation. He is also buried near the President’s tomb. 

Nashville - Tennessee - Hermitage Museum - Andrew Jackson

What to Know Before You Go  

The Hermitage can be found 12 miles east of downtown Nashville. The museum is open from 8:30 AM to 5 PM from March 15 to October 15. Then, from October 16 – March 14 the hours are from 9 AM to 4 PM.  

The museum is closed for Thanksgiving and Christmas Day and closes early on both Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve. Discounts on general admission are offered for seniors, students, and vets. Active-duty military and children five and under are admitted free. 

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