Never Lose Your Passport Wallet with this Nifty Gadget

Lost Passport Wallet

Losing your wallet can cause havoc on any vacation. But lose your passport wallet, and you could be facing a ruined vacation.

A travel wallet is a great place to keep your passport, airline ticket, and airport lounge access cards all in the same place. Makes getting through airport security a lot easier.

If you throw in some emergency cash and a couple of travel credit cards, then you have a complete emergency backup if your main wallet gets lost or stolen.

You Don’t Want To Lose Your Passport Wallet

Generally, losing your main wallet won’t ruin a vacation. If you have an extra credit card stored someplace else and another form of ID (like your passport), it will be just an annoying occurrence.

But, if you lose your passport, you could be stuck in a foreign country until you can get a replacement.

If you are a fan of The Amazing Race, odds are you’ve seen a traveler or two set down their passports and leave them behind. Or, sometimes, they get left in a taxi. It’s even caused one couple to lose the race and potentially a million dollars.

All of this can be avoided, if you simply slide a Tile Mate into your passport wallet.

Tile Mate to find Lost Passport Wallet

Tile Mates were designed to help people find their lost keys, but they also work great for wallets.

How Tile Mates Work To Help You Find Your Lost Passport Wallet

When you get a Tile Mate, you activate it will the app. Then you can use your phone to tablet to “ring” your tile if you can’t find it. The Tile will make an audible beeping sound. However, you phone must be within Bluetooth range of the Tile.

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Or, you can also use the app to see the last known location of the Tile on a map. So, what happens if you left your passport wallet in a restaurant and drove off? Using the app, you can see where it was the last time your phone was in contact with it.

The last way to find you passport wallet is absolutely amazing. If you phone is out of Bluetooth range of your wallet’s Tile Mate, then enlist the power of the Tile Mate community. If anyone with a phone running the Tile Mate app is in range of your lost passport wallet, then you will be alerted with the “Notify when found” feature.

While not as good as similar devices that use actual LTE cell phone carrier signals, the new Tile Mates are under $10 and don’t require a monthly cellular subscription.

Tile Mates Are Now Improved

The old Tile Mates had one fatal flaw, you couldn’t replace the batteries. The new ones are powered with replaceable batteries which fixed pretty much the only problem users had with the product.

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