5 Best Places to Bike Around Pensacola Beach, Florida

Florida - Pensacola Beach - Bike
Florida - Pensacola Beach - Bike

Pensacola Beach, Florida is a popular tourist location and biking along the blue waters is a top activity. Whether you want to take your bicycle and cruise along the beach or the streets, your two wheels can take you anywhere. 

Trails are not paved but are covered in the fine sugary sand the area is known for. If you’re going to ride, you’ll need a fat tire beach bike for your journey through Pensacola Beach, Florida.

If you don’t already have one, go (here) for the best places to rent a bike for your journey. 

Let’s unpack the 3 Best Places to Bike/Hike Around Pensacola Beach, Florida. 

#1 Biking Florida National Scenic Trail at Battery Langdon 

The Florida National Scenic Trail passes right in front of Battery Langdon. Battery Langdon was built in 1923 to protect the area’s largest guns. After you head south across Fort Pickens Road to Langdon Beach – the trail then continues for five miles before exiting the park near Park West on Fort Pickens Road. 

#2 Pensacola Beach Trail 

The Pensacola Beach Trail is an 8.5-mile Footprints in the Sand Eco-Trail and highlights some of Pensacola Beach’s Island ecology. Visitors are encouraged to walk, bike, drive, run, and even swim to the 29 stops in various spots along the trail. 

The Pensacola Beach Trail is mostly asphalt. It runs along Via de Luna Drive and Fort Pickens Road in Pensacola Beach, Florida, and offers some breathtaking ocean views along the way.  

#3 Big Lagoon State Park 

The Big Lagoon State Park has several nature trails and open woodlands that give bikers and hikers a unique opportunity to study nature. The park also provides an excellent opportunity for camping, swimming, and fishing. There are also opportunities for boating, canoeing, and crabbing in the shallow waters of Big Lagoon.  

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Big Lagoon State Park sits on the northern shoreline of Big Lagoon. And Big Lagoon separates the mainland from Perdido Key and the Gulf of Mexico. 

Florida - Pensacola Beach - Bike

#4 Jones Swamp Wetland Preserve and Nature Trail 

Located a few miles from Pensacola Beach on Patton Dr. in Pensacola, Florida. The park is part of the Bayou Chico restoration project that was created to provide protection for Pensacola Bay. It includes 1,300 acres within the Jones Creek Watershed. 

#5 Gulf Breeze Parkway Trail  

The Gulf Breeze Parkway Trail features a 3-mile route for cyclists to navigate between the gorgeous beaches and communities in this western section of the panhandle. Located just a few miles north of Pensacola Beach, the trail maintains a relatively smooth asphalt surface.  

This trail has an adjacent roadway that some may find noisy and somewhat disruptive. However, the gorgeous Florida woods to the south should more than make up for the distraction. Stay up to speed on all the hot spots and sweet destinations in Florida.

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